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SDS Certificate: FD30 MDF Door Liner

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MDF Warehouse is a leading manufacturer of high-quality MDF products, specialising in MDF skirting boards & Architrave, MDF FD30 fire-rated door liners, MDF wall PAnels and MDF window boards. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in providing durable and stylish MDF solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Our skilled team of craftsmen utilises state-of-the-art technology and premium materials to ensure the highest standards of quality and precision in every product we create. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and competitive pricing sets us apart as the go-to choice for all your MDF needs as well as custom products for wholesale.

MDF Door Liners

FD30 Fire Rated & Standard

  • - Optional Standard white primed MDF door liner set
  • Full door liner set complete with 2 Legs @ 2100mm, 1 Head at 1000mm 
  • - Supplied complete with 32mm x 12mm (or 25mm jamb for FD30 fire rated model) Door stops (door jamb strips / slamming strips)
  • - Choice of 95mm, 108mm, 131mm, 150mm wide - door liner is 27mm thick 
  • - Moisture-resistant MDF with a density 620kgM3 for for the standard door frames & 720kgM3for the FD30 Models, the linings are produced defect-free - no knots and no warps
  • - Pre-cut trench (the notched part of the legs where the head slots in) 15mm from edge of legs, can be adjusted but cutting the legs down accordingly
  • - Head can be cut down to fit a number of door sizes from common sizes such as 686mm, 762mm, 840mm, 926mm up to a maximum door size of 980mm  wide x 2040mm high
  • - Choose between standalone door frame lining set or FD30 fire door liner set with 10mm wide x 4mm deep to accomodate fire door intumescent strips (not supplied / sold separately) 

Primed Skirting Board

Range of Profiles 4"/5"/6"

      MDF skirting board resistant to warping and swelling, suitable in a range of rooms & environments from kitchen & bathroom to office & commercial applications 
  • [PRE-PRIMED WITH 2 COATS OF HIGH ADHESION PRIMER] Pre-primed skirting board saves you time & money on top coat, smooth surface, ultra-high adhesion primer means quicker top coat, no-preparation required & less waste . spillage / drips (note - light sanding between coats may be required - please check the paint manufacturers instructions for more details) & unlike traditional pine / oak skirting boards, MDF skirting board benefits from no knots or imperfections (note, only primed on 2 sides: top edge and front face - not rear / bottom edge)
  • [RANGE OF SIZES & PROFILES] Our Bullnose Grooved MDF skirting boards come in a wide range of heights, sizes and profiles to suit any application, tastes & budget, matching & suiting a range of other wood furniture..

MDF Primed Architrave

3m Lengths

  • [SUPPLIED IN 3M LENGTHS] Our research shows 3m lengths of MDF skirting board is the optimum length in terms of practicality moving around tight spaces, suiting a range of room sizes as well as reducing wastage in cuts thus saving costs - for runs longer then 3m simply cross-cut, butt & fill for a seamless finish (+/-5% tolerance)
  • [EASY TO INSTALL & MAINTAIN] MDF skirting board can simply be installed with screws, nails or pins, when used in combination with an adhesive. Easy material to fill, sand & paint over fixings - long term once painted with gloss or acrylic, MDF skirting board offers low maintenance, easy to clean and versatile for years to come